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CZI Drone flamethrower FT10 PRICE ON REQUEST

CZI Drone flamethrower FT10 PRICE ON REQUEST

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About Drone flamethrower FT10

czi's new generation drone flamethrower FT10 is different from the traditional gasoline flamethrower, using alcohol as fuel to eliminate the safety problem of gasoline dripping. The new high-power laser-assisted targeting device can precisely lock the target before spraying fire, and with the rotatable nozzle, a single spray can ignite the floating objects on the power grid.

Dimensions: 785*128*230mm

Weight: Product 2.1kg Fully loaded 3.7kg

Rated power: 40W

Compatible fuel: 95% alcohol

Adjustable nozzle angle range: Pitch ±15° Horizontal ±20°

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